New Beginnings For Covenant Community | Jonathan’s Story

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“One morning after Elizabeth Klump brought dinner for the residents and some brownies for me, she sent a text asking if I could share Covenant’s greatest needs… she felt a calling to help in a special way. I texted back stating that purchasing a new independent living house for our graduates, in a neighborhood that uplifts their dignity and inspires hope, was my most pressing interest. She quickly responded with a request to speak further.

Very shortly after, Elizabeth agreed to be our lead donor on a capital campaign for purchasing a new house, called the Martha Sterne House, that would provide interim housing support for our graduates as they further acclimate to society, at a weekly subsidized rent rate. The board of directors was quickly mobilized around this effort, we recruited the help of Caroline Echols and other friends, and within a month, we launched a capital campaign targeting almost 15 Atlanta-based foundations for financial support while simultaneously looking for a property that met our expectations. 

I remember receiving a property alert from our realtor for a quadraplex in the city of Decatur. It was exactly what we were looking for. Before the morning was out, I took a visit to the location. As soon as I saw it, I knew this was the new location for our Sterne House. We made contact with the seller’s realtor and scheduled a walk-through of the premises. My initial sentiments were confirmed… this location would be a perfect fit for our needs.

I remember being asked by one of the foundations if we had any challenges with the campaign. I also remember responding with confidence, ‘No… this has been a divine journey full of support!’ Almost a year later, we are now debt-free owners of a new Martha Sterne House in a wonderful neighborhood that will uplift the spirits of our graduates and inspire them to thrive in their recovery.”

Johnathan Davis

Covenant Community, Inc

Covenant Community is a residential life stabilization program for addicted men, located on the Spring Street side of our campus. Most residents arrive after detoxification to live in the Covenant Community for six to nine months, building a new life without addiction and learning new life skills to enable their success. Upon successfully completing the program, the men move to Sterne House, a drug-free residence. Parishioners participate primarily through preparing and eating Monday night suppers with the residents. A commitment can be as simple as preparing and sharing one meal during the year.

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