Breaking Down Barriers | Wayne’s Story


“I attended an event at our Parish, Dinner with Friends, also known as Chicago Dinner Dialogue Series. The topic of the conversation was about racism and race. I was unsure about attending the discussion because of the topic. But, after thinking about it, I realized that because of the topic, I should be there.


The topic of race and racism can be a difficult conversation. However, this group approached the conversation in a respectful, open and mindful way that fostered a wonderful and healing conversation in this space. I was so moved by the honesty and openness of the people in attendance that I reached out to Simon to express my gratitude in allowing this organization to meet in our church space.


I left the conversation with hope and a prayer that more of us could attend and seek out understanding on how race and racism affects one’s point of view. Also, to break down those barriers that we have so we can begin the healing process. I do hope you guys can join me as I seek to find understanding and meaning so that I can do my part in fostering racial healing.”

Wayne Keith


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